Widows Department

Welcome to Heart of Love and Care Centre. This is one of the departments  which is existing and it was founded by Pastor Samuel Wafula. The department was founded after he had seen the hardships of the widows and orphans were passing through. We believe that you are going to learn more about. First let us look why Pastor Samuel dedicate to call these Department Heart of Love  and care Centre. This is because; it’s a ministry which needs Heart of Love (Heart of God) because without heart of love you cant  do it. It’s a hard ministry and much costly. In Heart of Love Care Centre it’s two in one. One is only for widows  then the second one is for  orphans, destitute, abandoned and street children.

 First let us look on how for widows and widowers it  works. The department  of widows is registered under the department of social service under this ministry with the given name Widows of Faith Group. The purpose of the group is coming together, exchanging ideas, having bible study, praying together as well as running their small business. Pastor Samuel began this ministry of widows so that they may come together and  fellowship, start for them small business so that they can be self reliant and sustain their lives. 

Vision:  the vision  is to empower faith and hope to other widows.

 Mission: It is to fight loneliness, sadness, bringing  joy and  hope to other widows.

Believe: God can’t forsake nor leave the righteous.