About Us


With great joy we would like to welcome you to New Covenant Shalom Bible Mission, we are Christian and None profitable organization called to serve in the Body of Christ. New Covenant Shalom Bible Mission was founded in the year 1990 through the humble servant of God Arch Bishop Michael Wafula and other faithful believers in the body of Christ in Kitale Kenya East Africa. The ministry was started on the foundation of prayers and home bible study, whereby God established and enlarged her boundaries, through this ministry,  many people have been reached and served, the broken-hearted has been healed, hope has been given to hopeless and set free the captives.

Our Vision

Our vision is to win many souls to God’s Kingdom


Our Mission to destroy the satanic kingdom and building God’s Kingdom.


The aim and objectives of this Ministry  are: –

  1. To proclaim the gospel of our  Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, locally and internationally.
  2. To plant, establish and nurture local and international churches.
  3. To establish Christian based training institutions, Schools, Bible Schools, Hospitals, Polytechnics, and Orphanages, both locally and internationally.
  4. Embark on Evangelical Ministries and Programs throughout Kenya and in any part of the World with a view to winning souls through peaceful means for the Lord Jesus Christ and preparing men and women for the second coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
  5. Organize prayer meetings, establish prayer camps and conduct prayer sessions on any matter at any place and for any adequate periods.
  6. Organize Bible Studies, teachings, seminars, discussions and any other program to facilitate the study, meaning and learning of the Holy Bible.
  7. Embark upon the planting, establishing or building of Churches, or any other place of Christian worship in any part of Kenya and all over the world.