About the school

Welcome to Blessings Hope Educational Centre, we are a Christian based school  located at Birunda, the undulating slopes of the beautiful  Mt. Elgon. It’s about 20 kilometers from Kitale town and 15 Minutes drive from Kitale Air Strip.

 Most occupants of Birunda are people who were affected by  1990 and 2007  instigated clashes on the slops of mount Elgon. During this clashes which were tribal in nature, many people lost their families, kids and dependents.

It was therefore in the year 2010 Pastor Samuel started the school and opened doors to some of the destitute and orphaned children of Birunda area.

Blessings Hope Educational Centre it has got  400  children, both girls and boys, most of them are orphans, destitute and from poor families. The community has got large  who are still starving and willing to join the school, but due to low income and limit of finances,  we have limited the number and the rest we have put them in waiting list as we also keep trusting upon the Lord to supply enough income and the needed material.

The school is situated in a relatively poor area where the big percentage of people struggle to make a living. HIV /AIDS, poverty, poor health and massive unemployment are the main challenges people meet on daily basis. Quite a lot of children are orphans or live in families that are not able to care for them of all.

At Blessings Hope Educational Centre: we understand the real problems of children who are orphans and valuable and we know the better solutions for them become us see the children first-hand.

As a school of vision, we have developed a portfolio of cutting edge, specialized service to meet complex needs of the orphans and vulnerable children. Our major goal is to raise the bar of childhood, so that all children who are orphans and vulnerable will grow to be all they can be and contribute positively to the development of the community and the nation.


Blessings Hope  Educational Centre is run by Board of trustees who include, Pastor Samuel, Apostle Joyce, Carol among others,   Representatives from the department of social services, the church, local administration and the community. The Board makes various regulations for the proper management and administration of the school. Our accounts are subjected time after time to audit by certified public accountant for the purpose of transparency.


Donation: make adoration now or see other ways to donate to Blessings Hope Educational  Centre, school for the vulnerable and orphaned kids.

You can donate goods for needs such as clothing, food, building materials, desks, household goods, schools/office materials, medical suppliers, sports and musical equipment etc. contact us to find out our most pertinent needs.

Financials contribution

You can consider making one time, monthly or annual financial gift to Blessings Hope Educational Centre. You can designate money towards specific project, or give a general gift to be used for daily expenses and needs. 


With U$ 34, you can provide an orphaned child with food, school, clothing and medical needs per month.

Visit us

You can choose to visit Blessings Hope  Educational Centre for orphans and destitute any time of the day and you can conduct us prior to your visit.


Contact us and see how you can invest your time and talent to the children. Areas to consider giving time include, child-care, medical, administration, special skills educate, fundraising etc.

Internship opportunities

Blessings Hope  Educational Centre has opportunities available for internship in areas like, childcare education, family service and community affairs.


Please, you are highly welcome to  pray regularly for the academy, the children and staff of Blessings Hope Educational Centre.


  1. Building safe and loving families:- we offer kids who are orphaned and vulnerable a good beginning by giving them new skills and help them know how to stay together.
  2. Teaching children with special needs:- to learn, special children need confidence, professional counseling and vital behaviors skills.
  3. Giving children live – in care and treatment:- children need medical care and treatment which we offer as a school for free.
  4. Supervision for independent living:- we offer a productive adulthood whereby kids learning independence as they grow. As a school for orphans and vulnerable children we meet a diversity of challenges of our times with professional skills. The most important thing to us is to save children from abusive environments and give them hope for future by treating them to become self- sufficient adults and responsible parents in future. We are not always visible in the communities we serve due to the nature of our services, but the kids and families we help know the positive impact we have over the communities.

We offer quality Christian environment of love, protection and education for kids. Our quest is to give them a childhood, a faith in God and a future.